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The Neato Fileshare needs your help!

We are an open-access digital library specializing in pdf’s, exe’s, rom’s, artist talks, readings, imagedumps, videos, anything really! Think UbuWeb with little to no context. Styled after a 90s Apache server directory for its simplicity, the Fileshare would like to engage with digital artistic and educational material of either archival or contemporary nature that’s dear to people’s minds and hearts.

What you can find today in the Neato Fileshare are catalogues of 1960s digital art, an imagedump of ISIS drone footage, an unhealthy obsession with the work of Brad Troemel, and a lone Pokemon Gold ROM. Let us be generous and say we need to branch out.

Files pertaining to internet histories/cultures, digital art, or a feeling of rapidly-evaporating contemporaneity are highly encouraged, but all files are equal in the eyes of the Fileshare! All submissions are considered, especially ones pertaining to a learned skill or specific artist’s practice (aka YOU).

We also have a Fileshare Refugee program! If you can make a case that a file you own is the last copy on the open web, and you think it would just be a travesty to let it slip into the great entropic noise of the Recycling Bin, we’ll back it up by default!

Please take a look and submit at


Other, far more impressive archives:

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