We'll always remember the view (won't we?) (Walled Garden)

(2016, website, high-definition display, physical support)

How do you relate to the internet? Windows 95 once asked us “Where do you want to go today?”

…and we delightfully remained in our seats. Twenty years later, we remain there, hovering in front of monitors and displays and windows and canvases that all resoundingly promise an “other”, virtual space.

And we simply can’t make the same excuses that we did before, fooling ourselves that maybe those bulky monitors held some other realm, somewhere behind the cathode ray tube. What we have now is soiled anarchy, a semi-organized mess of media that’s ruled by the same capitalist structures early adopters strove to denounce. You never left your $14.99 IKEA chair, and all that implies, sorry to say.

The Internet isn’t a destination, it’s Us; and this digital stockpile of dissociated cultural material is so unwieldy and massive, that all it becomes is that: Material, Us.