Ideal Children (I‑VII)

(2015, generative plotter prints on archival paper, 14"x17" unframed) a way we are Duchamp's ideal children.

  • Vuk Cosik, referring to, in Baumgaertel, Tilman, "Interview with Vuk Cosic", sent to Nettime, June 30, 1997

'Is the history of conceptual art relevant to the idea of software as art?' At this point, answering the opposite question in the affirmative can be justified: 'Is the idea of software as art relevant to the history of conceptual art?' Software Art brings immateriality back to conceptual art; the prevalence of the idea over the product, of the process over the result, of the code over the output. By turning the executor into a machine, any doubt about the artistic nature of the finished product is removed. And must be sought elsewhere, or rather in the "code" that is the modern reincarnation of the 'concept'.

  • Domenico Quaranta, LeWitt's Ideal Children, 2005