Nine Discourses on Commodus

(2021, borrowed imagery, poetry, generative system)

A generative artwork based on Cy Twombly's magnum opus series of paintings. This series has always struck me for the layer-play in the first painting in the series, as well as grounding on a neutral gray, allowing for expansion in all tonal directions.

Not usually one for paintings, I've used these as a palette upon which a new code-based performance and degeneration can take place. Nine new discourses and reflections on the last year and its myriad troubles are repainted upon the scenes of a murder, created by Cy almost 60 years ago.

This recording is not the work, the real video would be in infinite length, this is just the next best thing. Thanks for watching.

Discourse Segment Titles

  1. sledgehammer, meet load-bearing wall ...!
  2. my words and I, the tether, the barb refusing to retract or dig further
  3. bearing a knife, for/against palette screen/ and/or body
  4. we were altogether more asundered than fathoms revealed
  5. cy paints a murder, hacking to bits, wow...
  6. mass coronal ejection {for Borges, LibGen & Sunde}
  7. withholding, acting, in lieu of action
  8. look how they massacred my boy
  9. reassertion of the past under a duplicitous guise