Cain Price - Please

(2022, music video)

Commissioned to produce a music video to accompany a truly soulful track, I admit I was stumped for a while, before the main theme of loneliness and connection gave rise to a primary motif revolving around touch.

This video was primarily made in Touchdesigner, triggered by a combination of sound-reactivity and manual control, activating footage of hands touching, advancing, slipping away. This footage was prepared using an AI system that estimated and rendered the depth of each clip, creating 3D estimations of that touch from the interpretation of an unfeeling machine. The emotional arc of the song then determined how the video degraded and pixelated in real time.

I appreciate the radical iterations of collaborating with another creative, and the below really captures our alignment on this project:

Chris Mills is a generative artist working in software, video, and drawing. His work, like this song, explores the overwhelming nature of modern life.


  • Music and Lyrics: Cain Price
  • Production: Cain Price, Connor Head and Branton Olfert
  • Mixing and Mastering: Cameron Gavin
  • Video Production: Chris Eugene Mills


  • Youtube (Use the quality setting to watch in 4K)