About / Statement

Chris Eugene Mills is a Vancouver-based artist working through various disciplines including late net-art, lens-based media, and machine drawing; all tangled up in the intersections that many call ‘new media’. Key concerns in his practice include understandings of space within and outside the digital interface, lack of traditional media-specificity in the post-internet era, and the increasing inconsequentiality of this digital/real dialectic in common understandings of our deeply-networked society.

His digital and print works are an aesthetic exploration into imagined architectural space in two-, three-, and four-dimensional digital environments. They are constructed in relation to, and with consideration for, the limitations of the digital screen and output mediums. Mills is incredibly interested in the concept of the singular 'structure' as a symbol of artificiality and pre-definition, and presenting those structures in a way that they can live on indefinitely. These structures either live in solitude or interact with the systems which allow their existence.

His lens-based work uses reductive generative methods to make tangible the quickly-disappearing boundaries between the digital and natural worlds. He often examines formats of recording (video, audio, and memory) and exacerbates their limitations to analyze the images.

Mills' sculptural work is currently based in technological and material experiments or studies, which are often in-tandem or rooted in video or digital works. These studies act as a plinth to negotiate digital issues in physical space.

Currently pursuing a BFA in Visual Arts at the University of British Columbia.

(Last updated March 2016)